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Log Sauna Sorts


Are you looking for a nice place to spend weekends and holidays which combines basic modern comfort with the building traditions and values of our forefathers?

 We have constructed a cosy log sauna for a lovely family that likes to head out of town for the weekend to take some time off, yet would not choose to take care of a large summerhouse. Our log sauna is just like a small original log house, which oozes the warmth of a home as well as nature-friendliness.

 There is also room for future developments. Why not build a bigger log house next to the sauna in years to come and change the sauna into a guesthouse?

 You can find everything necessary for spending some cosy time on the ground floor of log sauna Sorts: a living-room/kitchen, a shower room, toilet, and sauna. There is a plank-bed on the upper floor which serves as a sleeping area.

 Moreover, log sauna Sorts has a terrace on two sides of the house which doubles the sauna`s area in warm summer months.