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We design for you

They say a dog resembles its owner. Similarly, every home is a mirror to the characteristics of family members. Our purpose is to build a log house according to your needs and the nature of your family members. Taking into consideration your wishes, we design a house which looks exactly like YOU. 

Pick a ready-made model

We have worked out log house models, which are built according to the customers` primary wishes and dreams. As compared to a special project, the advantage of a ready-made model is its remarkably faster building process. Even when choosing a ready-made model, you can give the log house “your own face”. You decide which doors, windows and roof will the house have. Moreover, you choose the interior that you like. The ready-made model kit means the so-called “locked-up” package.

Complete solution

Naturally the complete solution or the so-called turnkey option is the most comfortable choice for every client. It saves your time and energy! Taking into account your budget, our salesperson helps to compile the best interior solution namely for you. 


For sure you have sometimes wondered when seeing a decades-old log house—how does it still stand? The answer is as clear as a day. It was built with hands and soul! Your log house will be built following the same old traditions. In comparison with several log house manufacturers, our advantage is handcrafted log houses. Every single log is hand-peeled and hand-processed to preserve the strongest protective wood layer.

To top it all off, we help you to find the best fitting solutions according to your taste. Our specialists give advice in choosing windows, doors, roof, etc.


Innopol really has it all to make selections which suit your taste and to design a house according to your liking.