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Log House Sulev


Are you looking for a home with character that combines the ecological way of today`s thinking and the building traditions and values of our forefathers?

 We have constructed a house for a nice family who appreciates individuality, the warmth of a home and nature-friendliness but nevertheless wishes to have a spacious and modern home. Log house Sulev is roomy but cozy, original yet traditional warm home for a small or a sizeable Estonian family. The house has two floors and a limestone chimney that stretches through both floors and is sure to catch your eye.

 There is also room for future developments. Why not plant 500 rosebushes around your house or grow all your necessary vegetables yourself?

On the ground floor of log house Sulev there is a bright living-room/kitchen, a dressing-room, bathroom, toilet, and a sauna. On the upper floor there are three pleasant and quiet bedrooms.

 Log house Sulev also has a terrace where you are welcome to listen to the silence, enjoy the aromas of nature and think good thoughts.